China is what we know and what we do, and we do it with great passion.

China Spree's philosophy is that a good tour should be affordable, comfortable, educational and fun filled. Otherwise, it should not be called a good tour; it should be called a cheap tour or expensive tour—which was the case of China-bound tours from the U.S. before the advent of China Spree.

Best Value is the core value for China Spree Travel. It means a consistent and relentless pursuit of the perfect balance between pricing and tour quality. Our motto, "Authentic China Experience at Unbeatable Value" describes China Spree Tours perfectly.

Low profit & Specialization
China Spree Travel can offer the best value by having a business model of low profit and large volume, supported by our unparalleled experience and connections in the China travel industry. We discipline ourselves by making the lowest possible profit margin on the U.S. outbound travel market. This is possible by specializing our travel focus on one destination, China, and by selling direct to our end customers without any middleman. We consider it a sin for a business owner to make a lot of money if his customers do not get what they paid for.

American Value & Chinese Approach
Regardless of the images, tour pricing, and marketing gimmicks of various U.S. based tour companies, what eventually matters is their China tour operation—in whose hands you end up. It's about what kind of bed you sleep on every night, how far you have to walk to the city center, who looks after you every day, what you actually eat at every meal, what you see and don't see...

It's about how much the principal of a tour business knows about the destination, China, his willingness to serve his clients, his ability to streamline the multiple components of this tricky China travel business for the benefit of his clients, and how his travel philosophy and business ideas are delivered, via the tour arrangements and his service staffs, to affect his customers' overall travel experience.

It's all about how he balances the Value of North America and the Reality of China. It's about the principle and the flexibility—where he must not compromise, where he should be more flexible...

Becoming the leading China travel operator in the North America is the reason for our existence. We know the Chinese travel industry inside and out and have witnessed many system errors in China’s inbound foreign travel segment. We are determined to change the foreign travel segment in China for the better, and eventually, Redefine China Travel.

I, Wilson Wu, the owner of China Spree, am aware of the fact that life is short and capricious, and that there is only so much an individual can accomplish in his lifetime. I therefore choose to dedicate my life to fulfill people's China vacation dreams and promise that we will make those dreams reality.

We are at your service.

Wilson Wu
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Managing Director
China Spree Travel
A division of Tour Beyond, Inc.

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  • Quality Travel, Unbeatable Value
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    "In every sense, in meeting every want, need and requirement, China Spree delivered, exceedingly."
    — Paul, Illinois

    "This trip was a 5-star experience at a 3-star price."
    — Bryan, Georgia
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