18 Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey (2012)

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Wilson and your entire team....

We will respond to the survey later, but just wanted to thank all the folks at ChinaSpree for a fantastic experience that GREATLY exceeded our high expectations. A special thanks goes out to Jayson Gao, the National Guide on our trip to China and Tibet. It was not only Jayson’s personality that made the trip terrific, but also his professionalism and ability to keep the group/trip on track. Everyone we encountered from the folks in Washington to all the local guides were most helpful, knowledgeable and people you wanted to talk to.

I’m a very experienced business traveler who has avoided tours for many years. Our physician, Dr. Gary xxxxx recommended China Spree, but I was very skeptical. Dr. xxxxx was right and I was in for a wonderful surprise. The China Spree trip was something special. Now I wish you folks had tours to other parts of the world. We’d be signing up for them. Please feel fee to use Winnie or me as a reference.

Best wishes for a great year and the success of your firm and people...
Bruce R, Marblehead, Massachusetts
18-Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, April, 2011

My friend and I returned home after spending 17 exhilarating days in China. This journey far exceeded my wildest expectations. The intinerary included big cities, "little" cities, villages, the Yangtze river and Tibet (which was like traveling back to the 16th century.) The remarkable aspect of the China Spree tour was the diversity of what we saw and what we did: yes, we visited ancient sites (The Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian); we experienced the sheer magnitude of Beijing and Shanghai (both dwarf America's largest cities): but we also had the opportunity to have lunch in the home of a retired Chinese couple and visit a school in Tibet and we were welcomed into the home of a Tibetan family. From the day of arrival, to our departure, our tour manager, Lucy attended to every detail to make the journey comfortable. She was there to shepard us through airports, deal with traffic jams, and smooth out every minor problem. And the local guides provided us with a wealth of history and backround information which enhanced our experiences and made them very special. One cannot appreciate the transformation that is occuring all over China until you see it with your own eyes. It is amazing!

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Seeing China today is like going back in time a thousand years, and at the very same time witness indescribeable change (a little like going from a rickshaw pulled by a person to high-speed rail transport in a brief moment of time). One caution: "China is not easy." This trip is physically demanding. (Lhasa,Tibet, is 12,000 feet above sea level.) If you are prepared to make effort, you will be rewarded with a journey you will not soon forget.
Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey
Herbert N, Illinois
18-Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, October, 2009

I did an obscene amount of research in choosing a China trip for both my grandmother and I to truly enjoy. I flipped through every brochure, scoured every website, compared every review I could get my hands on. We chose China Spree based on affordability and the list of features included. It proved to be one of the best travel decisions I've ever made. Our journey across China and Tibet could not have been more phenomenal. A great trip starts with the people. Jim Mao is a master of his craft. I cannot imagine a better guide. Charm, wit, knowledge, persistence and an infectious laugh, Jim had it all and he won us over immediately. The local guides followed his lead and they were all organized, informed, accommodating and patient. Our fellow travelers, too, were a wonderful group of smart, interesting people and it was a joy to share this experience with them. During my research, I wanted to find a tour that met the needs of a 27 year old as well as those of a 76 year old. I wanted authenticity, information, culture, comfort and fun. I wanted to avoid tourist traps, shopping and wasted time. I knew I wanted to interact with locals, get into the street markets, eat crazy foods, go out to the bars and drink with complete strangers and somehow get by without sleeping because I wanted to see as much as humanly possible in our 17 days there. I also knew my grandmother wanted the safety and comfort of those 5-star hotels, that she wanted to see folk shows and dancing, that she wanted to buy some souvenirs for her other grandkids and that she didn't ever want to be rushed or tired. In every sense, in meeting every want, need and requirement, China Spree delivered, exceedingly. They showed us an enormous country, its vast history, its promising future, its tireless people and their beautiful traditions... all of this, without so much as breaking a sweat. In all her years of traveling, my grandmother says she'd never had the pleasure of being on such a well-organized tour, with such expert and accommodating employees. She thanks me for finding China Spree and I'll forever thank them, Jim Mao, the local guides and all the people with us on the tour for making our trip as fantastic as it was.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: 10. 15 if possible. Jim was amazing. He cared about every person's individual needs and juggled that with the needs of the tour as a whole. Any problem that came up was addressed promptly and solved in no time at all. He helped a couple who had a health emergency the very first day and saw to it that they got proper care and got back to Beijing when they regrettably had to leave the tour. He handled lost baggage. He found me a memory card for my camera when I desperately needed one. He kept my grandmother company when she was too tired to walk around the temples in Tibet. We loved Jim and I would take another trip with him in a heartbeat.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: When traveling to China, there's China Spree... and then everybody else.
Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey
Paul, Illinois
17-Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, September, 2009

For the last five years I was dreaming about taking a trip to China but my wife would have none of it.. Because of her rheumatoid arthritis condition she was afraid to take such a long trip, especially to remote Tibet. She also had misgivings about the number of inter-China flights during the tour. This year I was finally close to talking her into taking the trip but she made it conditional and wanted some of our family to go with us. I was able to persuade our daughter and her husband as well as my sister to join us on this trip. So now we were five people agreeable to make the trip. The question now was what tour group would we go with. I had already done considerable research on the internet looking for a suitable tour company. After months of searching I narrowed it down to China Spree and xxxxx xxxxx. I did not know either of the two companies but I knew that if I chose the wrong company I would have to answer to the other four members of my family. I read many, if not all, of the testimonials for both companies. I compared itineraries as well as costs. I finally chose China Spree over xxxxx xxxxx since I felt that a new company would do their best to deliver on their promises and give us the most for our money. We all took the trip and as it turned out we were not disappointed and all had a very enjoyable trip. China Spree really and truly delivered all and more that they had promised. My wife's fears and misgivings turned out to be unwarranted. Even though my wife and I are in our early seventies, we were able to keep up with the rest of the group. Tibet, which had worried by wife became one of the most favorite places and everyone was very glad that it was part of the itinerary. The trip went like clockwork. Everything was so well planned and organized that the waiting around was kept to a bare minimum. Everyone connected with our trip did their utmost and performed to the best of their abilities. Our national guide Jim Mao was the greatest. He deserves a 20 on the scale of 1 to 10. He was always looking for ways to make the whole trip an unforgettable experience for all of us. He really exceeded in this endeavor. He deserves a lot of credit for this wonderful and enjoyable trip that we were able to take. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Beijing to the point we said our good-bye's in the Shanghai airport (after taking the incredible MagLev train we were put at ease and knew and felt that we were in good hands and well taken care of by Jim. Jim is the greatest. All the local guides were very good and knowledgeable as well as very helpful in all respects. We were amazed how well they spoke the English language without ever having travelled outside of China. They were all amazing. We have travelled a lot but mostly in Europe and always on our own. We did not know what to expect travelling with a tour group. We must say that we were really pleasantly surprised on how well the the trip went for all of us. My family of five could not come up with any criticism on anything which says a lot of how the entire trip was handled and carried out. I had redeemed myself with my family members by having chosen China Spree and all agreed that we could not have done better. We were given a new cultural experience in a large and very interesting country that was most enjoyable and changed our impression of China completely and mostly for the better. We all were very glad that we had chosen to take this trip with China Spree. We certainly will not have any problems or reluctance to recommend China Spree to other members of our family , to friends and other aquaintances or whoever may be planning a trip to China. Well done, China Spree. Keep up that good work.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Go ahead and check out as many tour companies as you like and then compare them to China Spree. If you do your reasearch thoroughly we are sure that in the end you will decide on China Spree just like we did. You will be in for an unforgettable experience.
Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey
18-Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, September, 2009

My wife and I have taken many tours and have traveled over every continent except Antarctica. We have never had a tour as well-managed as this trip to China and Tibet by China Spree. All of the tour guides were excellent and the national tour guide went out of his way to help us and inform us in every way possible. We saw remarkable sights in China and Tibet and stayed at excellent hotels. We always had an abundance and a great variety of food. All questions were always answered in a pleasant manner and each member of the tour group was treated with great respect. In addition, we found the people of China and Tibet whom we met in traveling to be most cordial and helpful. Certainly, this tour by China Spree offers the greatest quality at the most economical price and you always stay in excellent hotels with excellent food. It remains Number 1 on our list of many tours we have taken.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: China is a great country with many unusual sights, with an incredibly long and interesting history. Its economy is growing, the cities and countryside are modernizing, and its facilities are very comfortable for the American traveler. The toilet facilities may not always be the most amenable for American traveler but generally they are quite adequate. The Chinese people are friendly, seem genuinely fond of Americans, and were personally helpful to us on any occasion in which we needed their help. They seemed as eager to learn about Americans as we were to learn about them. Unfortunately, their larger cities are acquiring some of the same traffic problems that we have in the U.S. However, China continues to find solutions to their traffic problems as their construction of subways, freeways, and bypasses around the city illustrate. Go to China and Tibet with China Spree and you will treasure the experience.
Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey
Bert and Kay,Georgia
17-Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, August, 2009

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