12 Day The Middle Kingdom

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Escorted, Air Inclusive China Tour featuring scheduled departures including transpacific airfare with Air China non-stop flights from San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), Houston (IAH) and New York (JFK) to Beijing. "Land Only" is available if you would like to arrange the flights to China on your own.

All Inclusive China Package Tours
Transpacific airfare
Guided Tours including admission
Hotel Accommodations
Included per itinerary
China Entry Visa, travel insurance
Available at additional charge

The following tour fares are cash only fares and include transpacific airfare (except "Land only"), and all applicable fuel surcharge, U.S.A. and China government taxes & fees. The actual tour pricing is the listed tour fare deduct the applicable discount. Read more information, regarding single room supplement, tour payment options, "Land only" package, air routing, child discount, applicable airline fees, and business class upgrade, under the following table. Additional baggage fees may apply.

**The following special tour fares are based on availability and valid through January 31, 2015**
Departure Return San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York
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(mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy) Cash
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02/11/2015 02/22/2015 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD $1199 Reserve
02/18/2015 03/01/2015 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD $1199 Reserve
03/04/2015 03/15/2015 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD $1199 Reserve
03/11/2015 03/22/2015 $1619 SOLD $1669 $1719 $1199 Reserve
03/18/2015 03/29/2015 SOLD $1679 $1729 $1779 $1199 Reserve
03/25/2015 04/05/2015 $1679 $1679 SOLD SOLD $1199 Reserve
04/01/2015 04/12/2015 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Not Available
04/08/2015 04/19/2015 $1719 $1719 $1779 $1819 $1599 Reserve
04/15/2015 04/26/2015 $1779 $1779 $1829 $1879 $1599 Reserve
04/22/2015 05/03/2015 $1779 $1779 $1829 SOLD $1599 Reserve
04/29/2015 05/10/2015 $1819 $1819 $1879 $1919 $1599 Reserve
05/04/2015 05/15/2015 $2299 $2299 $2349 $2399 $1599 Reserve
05/11/2015 05/22/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
05/18/2015 05/29/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
05/25/2015 06/05/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
06/01/2015 06/12/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
06/08/2015 06/19/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
06/15/2015 06/26/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
06/22/2015 07/03/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
06/29/2015 07/10/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
07/06/2015 07/17/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
07/13/2015 07/24/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
07/20/2015 07/31/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
07/27/2015 08/07/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
08/03/2015 08/14/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
08/10/2015 08/21/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
08/17/2015 08/28/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
08/24/2015 09/04/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
08/31/2015 09/11/2015 $2699 $2699 $2749 $2799 $1599 Reserve
09/07/2015 09/18/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
09/14/2015 09/25/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
09/21/2015 10/02/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
10/05/2015 10/16/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
10/12/2015 10/23/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
10/19/2015 10/30/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
10/26/2015 11/06/2015 $2399 $2399 $2449 $2499 $1599 Reserve
Departure Return San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York
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  • Tour Fare: Fares are in U.S. funds, per person, based on double occupancy.
  • Additional Costs: China visa processing fee, add-on airfare from your home city to Air China gateway (SFO or JFK) where applicable, optional travel insurance is additional to the tour fare. The gratuities of $10 per traveler per travel day to cover your tour guides, drivers, and porters are recommended and are at your discretion.
  • Houston Departure: Air China flight from Houston (IAH) to Beijing arrives at 5:00 am on Day 2. Since the universal hotel check-in time is 2:00 pm, you cannot check-in until afternoon; breakfast on Day 2 is not included. But you can leave your baggage at the hotel and claim it when check-in later. We strongly recommend that you buy a pre-arrival hotel stay on Day 1 which is $100 double occupancy / $140 triple occupancy per room night including buffet breakfast on Day 2 (Nov 2014 - Mar 2015) or $120 double occupancy / $160 triple occupancy per room per night including buffet breakfast on Day 2 (Apr - Oct 2015). By doing so, you can check-in as soon as you arrive in your hotel. Pre-trip hotel booking must be arranged when you book the tour and is subject to availability.
  • Special Promotion: Due to the popularity of this China package tour, we can only confirm your tour reservation based on the order in which we receive your deposit payment. This promotion tour features limited inventory of group seats on blocked Air China flights. Air and tour booking must be closed 60 days prior to travel date. The tour fare is subject to change and will be assessed and adjusted at the middle and the end of each month.
  • Cash Discount Rate: A $200 per person deposit is required to secure a reservation and is payable by credit card or personal check. To take advantage of the cash discount rate, you must pay the balance due by personal check or money order. The balance payment is due 75 days prior to the departure date. The cash discount is not affected by how you pay the initial deposit.

    Unless otherwise stated you will be billed for the "Cash Discount Rate" as specified in your tour invoice. The credit card payment adds $100 on top of "Cash Discount Rate" per person. Please contact us at least one week prior to the balance payment due date if you would like to make the balance payment by a credit card, by doing so you are NOT eligible for the cash discount rate.
  • Flight Routing: Air inclusive packages with non-stop flights from San Francisco (flight duration 12 hours), Los Angeles (flight duration 12 ½ hours), Houston (14 ½) or New York JFK (flight duration 13 ½ hours) to Beijing, which is Air China's hub. On the return day, you will be flying from Shanghai via Beijing to U.S. The Shanghai-Beijing flight is 2 hours 20 minutes and is part of the through fare for air inclusive packages. You can check your baggage through to U.S. from Shanghai.
  • "Land Only" Packages: "Land Only" packages do not include international flights to and from China, and do not include airport to hotel transfers, which are straightforward and cost about $15 per ride by metered taxicab. More information about transfer by taxi and private transfer options are available upon request.

    "Land Only" tour packages include all domestic transportation and transfers within China, but does not include the Shanghai to Beijing flight at the conclusion of the tour. Our "Land Only" packages start in Beijing on Day 2 and conclude in Shanghai on Day 12. If you would like to arrange your transpacific flights to China on your own, you should arrive in Beijing (PEK) on Day 2 of the tour with hotel accommodation included (the local tour starts in the morning on Day 3) and fly back home from Shanghai (PVG) or Hongqiao (SHA) on Day 12. The listed "LAND ONLY" rate includes all China internal taxes and fees.
  • Single Room Supplement: $420 (Apr ~ Oct, 2014) / $320 (Nov, 2014 ~ Mar, 2015) / $420 (Apr ~ Oct, 2015)
  • Children Discount: Children of 11 years and under may have $100-$200 off adult rate depending on the tour and departure date. Children under 2 years are considered infants, and may travel in a parent's lap. Airlines do not usually offer a seat for infants and further discounts may apply. Please contact us for details for children under 12. Children 12 years and older are considered adults for fare purposes and the adult rate applies.
  • Business Class Upgrade for transpacific flights from SFO with Air China is: additional $3000 to $3400 for departures (April 1, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015). The promotional fare is subject to availability. Please contact us for upgrade pricing.
    Fees in addition to the listed pricing

    China Visa fee: $180 ($140 consulate charge + $40 China Spree service fee)

    You need China single entry visa for this trip.

    Add-on airfare via San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), Houston (IAH) and New York (NYC)

    Add-on airfare via San Francisco (SFO) (Roundtrip including taxes)
    Add-on airfare via Los Angeles (LAX) (Roundtrip including taxes)
    Add-on airfare via Houston (IAH) (Roundtrip including taxes)
    Add-on airfare via New York (NYC) (Roundtrip including taxes)

    The above add-on airfare is valid for departure date before April 2015.

    Note, The optional add-on flight from your home city to the Air China gateway must be arranged according to the provisions of the Air China contract with various U.S./Canadian carriers in order to qualify as a through-fare with the Air China transpacific flight to China. These contracted flights are subject to availability. The booking procedures, fare class, flight options, airports and layover times are strictly determined by Air China contract. The flights available under the Air China contract have a limited seat inventory. If you prefer different flight times, routing, or layovers, you are free to do so on your own, but we cannot package non-contract flights as part of your China tour package.

    If you choose to layover in Air China gateway city, a $30/each way stopover surcharge will be added by the airline to your add-on fare.

    Please do not arrange U.S./Canada domestic flights from your home city to Air China gateway on your own before the tour is confirmed. Since flight schedules can change, we strongly suggest that you leave plenty of connecting time—at least 3½ hours—between flights.

    Please be advised that New York has three main airports, but Air China uses only JFK. The add-on flights to New York on the Air China contract may get you to any of the three airports depending on which flight you are confirmed on. If your flight does not arrive at the JFK airport, you must arrange for ground transportation to JFK on your own.

    *Additional airline fees may apply at check-in

    Fees may be charged by airlines for services such as preferred seat selection and baggage handling. Please note that fees are determined by the airline you check in with and may change at any time. Additional overweight baggage fees are charged and vary by airline. Check with your airline for weight restrictions. Check Airline Fee Chart.

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