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12 Day The Middle Kingdom (2011)

Tour Testimonials

My mother, aunt, uncle, cousin and I recently returned from the Middle Kingdom tour led by the wonderful national guide, Ronald Wang. The trip was truly one of the most memorable, well executed, and inspiring experiences of my life. China Spree works with outstanding hotels, restaurants, guides, and entertainment programs. The itinerary allowed us to visit all the major sites (Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, West Lake, Tiananmen Square, etc) without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The highlight of the trip was definitely Ronald. Ronald went over and above any expectation to provide us with a comfortable, organized, and friendly experience. His knowledge of all the sites, as well as China history and culture, led me to refer to him as Professor Ron by the end of the trip. We truly felt like we were a part of his family, and that we were receiving a personal tour of his country. I highly recommend China Spree and Ronald. When I return to China to visit other parts, it will definitely be on a China Spree tour led by Ronald.
The Middle Kingdom
Grace T, Chicago
12-Day Middle Kingdom  10/16/2011 - 10/27/2011

Good day,

My 12-year-old son and I recently arrived back home from the Middle Kingdom tour I was on with my karate club, Purple Dragon. I thought you should know how happy we were with China Spree. The trip was extremely well organized and well thought-out. We saw a great number of attractions in a short period of time. Also, the food and accommodations were great.

Our guide, Jing, was particularly effective. She did not miss a single detail and worked tirelessly to attend to everyone's needs. Everyone on the trip got personal attention from her, and she was smiling and willing to help regardless of what time of day it was. She is genuinely a treasure and an asset to your company.

Feel free to post my review on your website if you care to.

Yours truly, Sandra Filosof
The Middle Kingdom
Sandra F
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  07/10/2011 - 07/21/2011

This was a great trip that opened our eyes to past and current Chinese culture and customs and its thousands of years of history. Extremely educational and worthwhile. Go Now and Learn about Tomorrow's next Super Power!
The Middle Kingdom
Carmen N & William S, Florida
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  05/29/2011 - 06/09/2011

Great tour, great value. We had a wonderful time. The tour went very smoothly thanks to the ourstanding efforts of the country and local guides. We enjoyed all the attractions on the itinerary and the variety of things that we visited.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Take a tour. Although we have never taken a group tour before, we were very glad that we took this one. It would have been impossible to see all that we did in the time available if we had been on our own. We would also not have experienced things with the same insight that our tour guides provided.
The Middle Kingdom
William & Margaret S, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom   05/22/2011 - 06/02/2011

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

It is a cultural experience not to be missed. I learned so much about the culture and people and found the people warm, friendly and accepting and the cultural heritage indescribable. I cannot say enough about how much China has to offer from its past and present to the world. At one point, I am speaking in a video to someone and I quote myself, "I’m just about amazed out at this country". That’s how it was. I am a well-traveled person, and this trip has been the highlight of my travel experiences. I wish to go back. Don’t miss it. See the past and the future rolled into one.
Paula P & Gema G, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  04/03/2011 - 04/14/2011

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: I was once in front of a seafood restaurant in Bethesda, MD deciding whether to go in. An elderly couple were exiting and I asked them how this restaurant was. The gentlemen told me that if I did not totally enjoy it, he would pay for my meal (and he gave me his business card). He was absolutely correct. Were I able I would make the same offer to anyone equivocating on taking this trip. China Spree is excellent, the tour excellent and China an absolute delight - like being on a different planet.

CS: Tour Testimonial

Answer: I had never heard of Chinaspree - found it on the internet. I was skeptical - did some checking, etc. It is by far the best of many many tours, trips we have taken. I would recommend it without reservation, and I will make another trip.

CS: Was there a particular highlight of your China trip you wish to share?

Answer: We are well traveled and accustomed to high quality accommodations, etc. This was in all respects the best tour we have ever taken. Guides were top notch. Hotels excellent (Hangzhou choice might be better), meals were good to excellent. Most importantly we learned that China is an incredible country inhabited by very good and special people. A true delight!
The Middle Kingdom
Dr. Paul & Caroline L, Florida
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  09/28/2010 - 10/09/2010

Dear China Spree,

Fond memories of our China Spree Mighty Yangzte trip (091008MY) of October, 2009 have not faded. Rather, these memories are enhanced by reflection. The trip was memorable, historic, fun. Every now and then I reread my journal to travel once more down the Mighty Yangtze and through ancient, as well as modern China. The armchair traveler can enjoy a trip over and over again. We loved traveling with China Spree.

I was delighted to receive your e-mail of November 10, 2010 informing me that I won second place in the Journal Contest just by doing what I like to do most—journaling my travels.

Thank you for a wonderful trip, an interesting contest and providing me with a winning experience.
The Middle Kingdom
Shirley W, Illinois
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  10/08/2009 - 10/19/2009

China Spree provided me with a tour well beyond my expectations. I have traveled with four other tour companies in Europe and Africa and was totally unfamiliar with travel in Asia or China Spree. I learned about it on the internet and was a bit nervous about booking. DO NOT HESITATE!! The best value I have ever had for my money. I traveled solo for the first time in my life and felt totally comfortable with everything. China is beautiful!!! Thank You, Eric and China Spree.

CS: How was the general performance of your guides?

Eric (National Guide) was delightful, considerate and obviously worked well with his local guides. His laid back personality was comfortable and caring. John, Sherry and Anthony were all great. All willing to listen and accomodate. All good educators and efficient at moving us. When a handful of us wanted to see a performance at West Lake that was not on the itenerary, Eric and Sherry made it happen for us! John made Beijing feel like home and Anthony was superb in his Garden tour especially.

CS:Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Do not delay this experience, if you have ever had any inclination to go to China - book now!!! I left my heart there.
The Middle Kingdom
Nancy T, Alabama
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  08/03/2010 - 08/14/2010

Travel is all the same. I mean, the Great Wall is the Great Wall whether you went there on your own or were part of a group. That’s the bottom line, right? No. First, traveling is more than just seeing a landmark. If it were not, you may as well stay home and just "google" it. And surely you can be adventurous and go the do-it-yourself way.

Or, you can have an efficient, intelligent, and very accommodating coordinator show you around so you can focus less on the travel and more on the experience. China Spree, personified by Mr. Ron Wang, is such a coordinator. He is more than a travel guide. He is in fact your host - a most insightful host for that matter. He leaves nothing to chance to make your visit memorable and worry free. From making sure your bags are delivered to your room, to ensuring you stay hydrated with their free bottled water, Ron does not miss a beat. Everything the brochure said, he does (and more). The local guides, Vicky, Allen, and Raymond are very informative, attentive, and quite straightforward. They tell you how things are in their culture - no bull, no hesitation.

I can say a lot about China itself. But that’s not why you’re here perusing this site. I can, however, say that having traveled extensively (less South America and Antarctica) I do not miss any of the countries I’ve visited. But I do miss China. Thanks in large part to Ron Wang and his team.

On behalf of my wife Rose, my brother Rolando and his wife Ling, and my sister Susana and her husband Leonardo, "xie xie," China Spree.

Well said Bro. If I may add, the hotel choices were outstanding, specially the Garden Hotel in Suzhou. Bus transportation were very spacious. After a day of visiting fascinating sites, it helps to be able to be transported without worries and stay in a relaxing hotel with their excellent breakfast to start another day. The booklet sent by China Spree in preparation for the trip was informative, giving you the insights of things to bring, the sites, common Chinese phrases, etc. Like my bro said, we’ve traveled quite a bit and the trip to China was the one we miss most.

Cheers to Mr. Ron Wang and team. Thanks to China Spree for putting together an excellent package tour.

All the best,

Rogelio P. S
The Middle Kingdom
Rolando S and Ling C, New York
12-Day Middle Kingdom  05/18/2010 - 05/29/2010

Go in the spring, the summer, the fall, or even on the winter cold, have open mind, be adventures, and be the perfect guess.

China Spree
It is the company that keeps their prices low, their guides up to date, their motor coach running, the food and my bed warm. This company has the perfect relationship with their partners, the right connections with great communication skills and the best team. I will travel with them to any part of the world as long and as far they can take me.
The Middle Kingdom
Lucy T, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  11/08/2009 - 11/19/2009

China Spree is by far the best organized tour we have ever been on. They took care of every detail including the air transportation from our home town to San Francisco to Beijing and back. They took care of the Chinese visa. The days were packed full of interesting sights and delicious food. Among the more unusual highlights were the lunch in a local Beijing home and the outstanding theater performance shows. Accommodations were superior. When the untimely winter snowstorms and fog through our schedule off track, the competent guides made the best of the situation by organizing an interesting train ride from Xi'an to Shanghai instead of the canceled air flight. I strongly recommend China Spree to anyone who wants to travel to China; and I plan to use China Spree again sometime. I have complete confidence in them.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Learn the Chinese expressions that China Spree provides in their booklet, and get an additional phrase book. Using some of the expressions make the trip all the more fun. I would also recommend reading up a little on the major points of interest which the tour will include, and on China in general. This is more than just a recreational tour. This is an enriching, learning experience.
The Middle Kingdom
Carl G, Arizona
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  11/08/2009 - 11/19/2009

Hi Mr Wu,

Nice to hear from you.....I refered a lot of my friends to use your travel agent and they are all happy. When they get back from vacation they thank me.... Have a safe New Year.

Rufina and Jose Albano
The Middle Kingdom
Rufina & Jose A, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  11/05/2006 - 11/16/2006

I have used three other tour companies and China Spree was the most outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone traveling to China or anywhere else they provide tour service. Everytime I had a question and contacted China Spree the person answering the phone had the answer and everyone was pleasant to deal with. They were quite honest in describing the tours, the conditions to expect and went out of there way to ensure we each had a wonderfull experience. The personal touch really came through. I would be glad to personally talk to anyone having questions about using China Spree. Thanks for making the trip a wonderful experience.
The Middle Kingdom
Ralph, Ohio
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  10/20/2009 - 10/31/2009

David and I visited China in October of 2009 and we had a wonderful experience due to China Spree and the weather. We had no bad weather which always makes an adventurous vacation more fun. Our national guide, Bill Huang (you may want to request him) was the other reason everything went better than we had expected. He is very aware of the needs and wants of his guests. We saw all the national sites of the Middle Kingdom that we knew to see and we were given time to enjoy them, and we saw much more as well. We visited places that we would not have known to look for. We were given the history of China, our questions were answered; we met and mingled with the Chinese people, and we experienced life in China. All this was enjoyed with the comfort of clean, nice buses and very good drivers. We did not have one driver among four that made us gasp even once. We did not need to handle our luggage except to identify it. Our hotels were all very nice, clean, friendly, and the rooms spacious. The food.....we thought of eating Chinese the day we returned home. The breakfasts in the hotels were banquets, and the lunch and dinner meals always offered us at least one new and different flavor. Traveling from city to city was made painless. Though he would never promise us easy travel, Huang was always able to secure boarding passes and check in without lines and hassles and our seat assignment wishes were always considered. We only worried that we may never again be able to get ourselves around in our travels of the world without China Spree.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: Bill Huang, out national guide, was simply outstanding. We know your score is 1-10 but we would rate him higher. He just made the trip for all of us. His is intelligent, efficient, thorough, while personable, humorous, and genuinely concerned that his guests see and enjoy doing all they expect to do.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Go to China. Do not hesitate. The sites and history are understood best by being there. The people you meet will you not forget. The Chinese, as we came to know them, are a warm and humorous people. Visit with a guide; without a guide you will miss more than you want to. The language, you can learn a few words. The people will help you. If you are going to use a tour group.....i recommend China Spree
The Middle Kingdom
David and Margo, Colorado
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  10/20/2009 - 10/31/2009

I had never been on a tour before, usually when I travel, I travel with friends and they take care of me. My tour with China spree was one of the best travel experences I have ever had. The arrangements were so easy and convienient. I paid one fee, and all the travel arrangements were made, from my plane from my home town, to Beijing, all the travel arrangements once inside China, including the plane trips inside China, all the resturant meals, and hotels. The tour guide went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were well taken care of and the treated us with great respect. They were just as excited to take care of us as were were excited to be in China. If I had tried to plan this trip myslf it would have cost more than twice as much. This was one of the best time I have ever had in my life.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: 10 +++ Bill was a very hard worker, always very happy and cheerful. He was always full of energy. I am a vegetarian and he always make sure I got plenty of vegetarian food at the resturants. He was always looking out for our safety, for example he would always let us know where to watch for unexpected steps so that we would not fall. After every meal, he would look under the tables to make sure we did not leave anything behind. He even took the time to make sure we got the seat that we wanted on the plane. Some people wanted isle seats and I always wanted a window seat, and he made sure that I always got one. He always made sure we the toilet was close by and he walk us to the toilet if we needed it. That is very important if you are in a foreign country. Even though he has been a tour guide for many years, he was never bored, never unattentive, always very alert, never seemed like he was in a rut or that he was following a routine. If there was anything we wanted, he got it for us. I wanted a big Chinese flag, and he found one for me.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: It was the best money I ever spent.
The Middle Kingdom
Anthony, Arizona
12-Day The Middle Kingdom   10/20/2009 - 10/31/2009

I have been fortunate to travel all over the world with various land groups, as well as on cruise ships, but I have never had a more pleasureable trip than I had while traveling with China Spree. This is truly an exceptional company. They handled every detail in a very precise manner from making certain that we had our Chinese Visa to getting on the plane safely on our return home. They employ some of the finest English-speaking Chinese tour guides that were well-educated and very knowledgeable about aspect of our journey. The accomodations were superb as was the transportation, both land and air. The food was a little different than I expected. The restaurants were beautiful and clean, but true Chinese food is not at all like American-Chinese. Maybe I'm just spoiled. I had a wonderful trip and would not hesitate to travel with this company again, or to recomment them to my friends.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: China is beautiful. There is so much to see that you feel like your head is on a swivel. The people are lovely and very polite and quick to share information about their culture. If you have the opportunity to travel there, please do; but make certain that it is with China Spree.
The Middle Kingdom
Jim K, Ohio
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  09/08/200 - 09/19/2009

Dear China Spree, Thank you for providing us with a truly amazing, once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure! Since China has so many historical, political, and cultural wonders to explore your tour was a perfect introduction to its many splendors. One of the smartest decisions we made was to rely on your thoughtfully organized and well executed itinerary. Navigating China's airports, roads, sights, and restaurants without the expertise of your experienced guides and tour bus drivers would have been impossible on our own. Despite the experience gained from traveling to many countries on several continents, we felt comforted having full-time guides with us every step of the way. There's no doubt that our expectations were greatly exceeded and that we received great value for our money. We will enthusiastically recommend China Spree to our friends and associates and look forward to comparing their experiences with our own. Best Regards, Arthur and Ines Bryant Redmond, WA (USA)
The Middle Kingdom
Arthur, Washington
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  09/08/2009 - 09/19/2009

This was our first trip to China and we went with a somewhat lower expectation. The trip turned out to be wonderful and exceeded even our most wildest expectation. The itinerary included so many variety that we felt we really got to see every part of the cities we visited. Our tour guide, Ronald was fantastic, knowledgeable and spoke perfect English and also had lots of humor. We also enjoyed the fact the group was small and we got to know everyone. This tour was also amazing that we had a wide age span. Our youngest tourist is 24 and our oldest is 84 and that made our meal conversations extremely exciting with different views and comments. The ultimate plus was the group consisted of really positive people. The hotels we stayed were 5 stars all the way. Meals were great with so much food. The massages Ronald arranged for us really helped after climbing the great wall. We would love to travel with China Spree again and especially with Ronald soon. Thank you for the most memorable experience.

CS: What could we have done to make your trip more enjoyable?

Answer: I don't really think there is anything more my mom, my partner and myself could have asked to make this trip more enjoyable. We honestly had a fantastic time. We felt our stars must have all lined up to have such a wonderful small group of travelers who all got along well and a guide who was more than accommodating.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Go with a smaller group like Chinasprees groups. You will be able to learn so much more from your guide and for yourself. It is a fascinating country with a long history, but has also become a world class country. Go with an open mind and really enjoy what the local people can offer.
The Middle Kingdom
Andy & Yuchi, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  09/01/2009 - 09/12/2009

China Spree offered one of the most comprehensive and delightful trips we could have imagined. The tour guides were exceptional and the itinerary was very well executed. the hotels, the meals and the transporation was outstanding. This was truly the trip of a lifetime.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: Our tour Manager Amber Yan rates 10+++. She did an outstanding job. She was extremely attentive to individual needs and she was delightful to travel with. She arranged a special birthday celebration for my wife on her birthday that was a memorable experience. She was the best tour guide we have ever travelled with.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Don’t hesitate to travel with China Spree.
The Middle Kingdom
Michael, Missouri
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  08/25/2009 - 09/05/2009

CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip

Answer: I was most surprised by the quality of the food. I remember from our previous trip that all of the food tasted the same by the end. Although we were tired of Chinese food by the end of the tour, I still thought that the variety and quality was excellent. The dumpling dinner in Xian was my family’s favorite food.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: 11.... Ronald Wang was excellent. His English was perfect and he was easy to understand. We especially enjoyed his willingness to share his personal experiences about what it was like to grow up in China. It really made the immediate history come alive for us. I felt that our 16-year old received a better impression of what life outside of the US could be like. Without Ronald’s insight, the tour would have felt much more isolated. I’m not sure I would have gotten as good a feeling for the country. Our tour group was 22 people, but he managed to keep us moving without feeling rushed. Ronald was flexible about working with people’s desires and the weather so I felt we got to see everything at the best times of day. If I were coming back to China I would definitely try to get on one of his tours.
The Middle Kingdom
Barbara, Oregon
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  07/14/2009 - 07/25/2009

CS: What did you like about this trip?

Answer: Everything. Value for the cost. Good accommodations. Our national guide Ronald was great. Ron's knowledge and insight was very good and he did the most to make our trip the best it could be. This was the first tour I had ever been on and I had apprehension about it. Any concerns I had were put at ease within the first day.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: Ronald our Tour Manager was great, he definitely cared about us all not only as a group but as individuals. Ron is a man who cares about his job and seems to but his all into it. He is an asset to China Spree and I would rate him as a 10.
The Middle Kingdom
John, California
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  07/14/2009 - 07/25/2009

I would recommend China Spree to any body who is interested in visiting China. The trip exceeded our expectation. Most of the time we stayed in Five star hotels. The locations of the Hotels were very good. Our group size was 18. The national Guide came with us through out the trip. The shows were breath taking. No optional tours like the other company do. everything is included including meals. We have traveled out of the country with well known Tour operators. This is the first time we used China spree. I would not hesitate to say they were for better than those famous well known tour operators. No body can beat their price.

CS: What would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: I would definitely go with China Spree. They exceeded our expectation. Five star hotels, Sightseeing, Acrobatic show, Tang Dynasty Show and meals are included in there price. No other tour company does all these for the price we paid. The tour guides go beyond the expectations to make everybody happy in the group. Groups are small.
The Middle Kingdom
Ms. Murphy, Florida
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  6/30/2009 - 7/11/2009

We have never taken a tour before. I have heard horror stories from other travellers who went on tours and complain about other companies accomodations, food, the hectic pace and cold impersonal guides. None of this applies to China Spree. The rooms were great, the days were full but not exhausting, the food was abundant and delicious and the guides, without exception, were exceptional. From the time I first contacted China Spree on the phone to simply inquire about the trip, I was treated politely and respectfully with absolutely no pressure. Leading up to the day of the trip every question and concern I had was answered fully and honestly in a reasonable amount of time. When we landed in China and first met our guide, we were warmly greeted by George who was to be our guide and go-to person for the duration of the trip. He was with us from the beginning to the end. His attention to detail, his pleasant attitude and his knowledge made this, without a doubt, the most stress-free, comfortable vacation I have ever had. While George shepherded us throughout the country, local guides joined in and gave us detailed information about the area and what we were seeing. They answered all of our questions and knew their subjects intimately. Each of them had an infectious energy and a passion to share their country with us. While the mysteries of the Orient were revealed to us, we were treated like valued, honored guests. It wasn't simply a tour of tourist attractions though. We were taken into an individual home and served a typical meal. We took a ride on the canal in Suzhou and witnessed unpretentious daily life. We were given the opprotunity to roam about on our own and experience China up close and personal. A great deal of credit for this this trip, this experience, lies with our national guide George. I can only speak of our tour, but If he and the people I initally spoke with on the phone are any indication of the quality of China Spree's other tours this is a remarkable company. They didn't simply take our money and hustle us around to various tourist sites, there was a real commitment to providing us with the best experience possible. Examples of their willingness to help were demonstrated first when I asked if there were any "paper cuts" we could buy. They are designs cut out of paper using scissors and are quite delicate and beautiful. George looked several places and asked several people for us over several days. The group got involved and finally, at one of the little stores we stopped at between cities, one of our companions found what we were looking for. The cohesion and commraderie that had been developed by the guides paid off. Also, when one of our fellow travellers was passively involved in an accident, a quick call to the local guide resulted in a conversation between the guide and the officer that extracted our companion from what could have been a very messy incident. For the last week we have been passing out those beautiful paper cuts to friends and work mates, telling stories of our adventures in China and extolling the virtues of China Spree and their guides. This is a vacation we will remember and talk about for years to come.

CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip

Answer: The Great Wall trip. We had pleanty of time to explore it and get a real sense of history and size, the canal trip was an excellent look into the lives of local people, I loved the opprotunities to walk in the parks and see the people exercising, dancing, and just enjoying the time out with family. It's more interesting to me to see how people live than look at artifacts in glass display cases.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: George Li is amazing! The man's untiring attention to detail, his ability to shepherd us around and maintain a pleasant attitude with a real sense of humor was amazing and very much apprecited. It was a subject that several of us in the group talked about. George Li managed to quickly become not just a guide but a trusted and well liked friend showing us his country with a real sense of pride and joy.

CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: If you want travel that is more than a get away or an escape, if you want to experience China instead of simply see it, let China Spree show you the way. It's time and money well spent and the journey will enrich you well beyond the tour.
The Middle Kingdom
Richard, Iowa
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  06/23/200 - 07/04/2009

I had no desire to go and see China and my husband who turned 50 said I don't want a party I just want to go see China . So, I was a reluctant travellor. I had probably no expectations and I certainly was concerned abou the language barrier. Well, let me tell you, I had a great time and I learned so much history and enjoyed myself immensely. First I had no idea that China was so impressive with regards to the sight seeing and the shopping is amazing. I am so glad I went!
The Middle Kingdom
Colette, Florida
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  06/23/2009 - 07/04/2009

My expectations of China were far exceeded with the help of China Spree. A seasoned traveler I have experienced the best and worst of exotic locations. I would rank China Spree at the top of my list in terms of making you feel comfortable, keeping you informed, providing superb accommodations, an excellent menu, sites to see, etc....for such a young company they do a tremendous job and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a guide while in China...

CS: What did you like about this trip?

Answer: The whole trip was fascinating....nothing was NOT fun!

CS:Comment on your Tour Manager using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: I would give Amber a 10. she was so helpful, willing to help, always wanted to listen to what you had to say and just a delight to have. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Have an open is a very different culture from the west.
The Middle Kingdom
Clint William, Oregon
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  6/16/2009 - 6/27/2009

This was our (I and my honeymoon wife, Barbara) first overseas guided tour. The trip was fantastic and exceeded our expectations. One I would highly recommend. We saw many of China’s treasures, monuments and interesting and informative factory tours where our guide was helpful in the sales transactions.. Our guide, Lisa, was the very best. Add to this the excellent coach drivers. The camaraderie which built among our tour guide and eighteen of us created one happy family. All of which resulted in a tour which went far beyond our highest expectations. The tour (honeymoon for us) was a great, reasonable in cost, and one to treasure.

CS: According to your experience from this trip what would you suggest to those who are going to traveling to China?

Answer: Before they finalize a trip to China, they should check with what China Spree has to offer.
The Middle Kingdom
Gustave J, Maryland
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  05/19/2009 - 05/30/2009

This was our (I and my honeymoon wife, Barbara) first overseas guided tour. The trip was fantastic and exceeded our expectations. One I would highly recommend. We saw many of China's treasures, monuments and interesting and informative factory tours where our guide was helpful in the sales transactions.. Our guide, Lisa, was the very best. Add to this the excellent coach drivers. The camaraderie which built among our tour guide and eighteen of us created one happy family. All of which resulted in a tour which went far beyond our highest expectations. The tour (honeymoon for us) was a great, reasonable in cost, and one to treasure.

CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best

Answer: Every day was well orchestrated by Lisa, our terrific guide, and filled with history, Chinese lessons, and interesting anecdotes. We were also entertained by Lisa teaching us the 'Watermelon" Taichi. Lisa is definitely a 10!

CS: What would you like to say to potential travelers to China?

Answer: Before they finalize a trip to China, they should check with what China Spree has to offer!
The Middle Kingdom
Gustave Jules, Maryland
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  5/19/2009 - 5/30/2009

Happy New Year to everyone at China Spree. Remembering our experiences in China do put a smile on our faces.
The Middle Kingdom
John J & Susan E, Wisconsin
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  05/18/2008 - 05/18/2008

I travelled on the Middle Kingdom Tour with Chinaspree in April 2009 and had a really wonderful time. The tour was well organized, the hotels, food and sightseeing were great. Our national guide Kevin was extremely helpful, kept us entertained with stories and anecdotes and made us feel like family. I would recommend Chinaspree to all tourists who want to visit China.
The Middle Kingdom
Sushama, North Carolina
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  04/21/2009 - 05/02/2009

My husband and I both loved our Middle Kingdom trip with China Spree and will recommend this trip to our friends. We saw and did a great variety of things, from visits to several World Heritage Sites like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Terra Cotta army, to having lunch at a small Hutong home; from seeing big urban centers like Bejing and Shanghai, to seeing the intimate gardens at Suzhou; from seeing priceless art objects at the Shanghai museum to shopping for simple folk art crafts at the Old Shanghai Bazaar. I had several memorable interactions with local people including dancing with local women, helping to stretch silk for a silk quilt, and trying to knot silk in the production of a silk rug. Our guide was excellent and spoke perfect English. Every day was packed full of adventure. This trip exceeded our expectations in every way.
The Middle Kingdom
Ron & Connie -- Morgantown West Virginia
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom"  04/07/2009 - 04/18/2009

Dear China Spree, Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful and enjoyable tour. Our tour of the Middle Kingdom in February 2009 was absolutely fantastic and was one of the best and most memorable trips we have ever had. As seasoned travelers, that is saying a lot! We have been raving about our trip ever since we got back a few days ago. We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of our trip, from the sites we saw, to the great hotels, and the delicious meals we had. The highlight of the trip for us was our wonderful national guide, Ming Li. She was so extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and organized. As far as we are concerned, Ming Li is one of the greatest treasures of China! We highly recommend China Spree and would definitely love to go another China Spree tour in the future. Thanks again!

Q: What did you like about this trip?
A: We loved how well organized this trip was and how we were able to see all of the major sites in the areas we visited. We also loved the vast amount of information our tour guide, Ming Li, shared with us not only about the sites, but also regarding Chinese culture and language. It helped us to have a fuller appreciation of what we were seeing.

Q: What tour arrangements or scenic spots are unnecessary to be included in the itinerary?
A: We can't think of any places that were unnecessary, and were happy with all of the tour arrangements and hotels we stayed in.

Q: Things that impressed you most on this trip.
A: How professional and knowledgeable our tour guide was and how organized she was.

Q: Comment regarding your Tour Manager. A: A scale of 1 to 10 is too limiting. Ming Li deserves a 100! She was absolutely fantastic and made the trip so enjoyable for all of us.

Megan & Randy

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

The Middle Kingdom tour, Feb. 10-21, 2009
The Middle Kingdom
Megan & Randy, Colorado
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  02/10/2009 - 02/21/2009

Just returned from The Middle Kingdom Tour -- and cannot say enough great things about China and ChinaSpree. Trip was good -- far, far exceeded my expectations. Other than 13+ hours on the plane, absolutely everything was great. The hotels were all excellent; (wait til you see the Skyway Landis in Shanghai!); the food fun, filling and interesting (one of the very best meals was at the home in the Hutong!); the local guides were all excellent, friendly, informative. We were really shown all the best highlights -- the bus was comfy -- the drivers very good (which they have to be to drive in China!). Our afternoon at the Great Wall was just amazing -- it is almost mystical. All the arrangements by ChinaSpree were done; we never had any delays, or problems checking into/out of hotels; our meals were all ready when we arrived; the local guides were all at hand. Excellent! Now a word about our National Guide (Ming Li) -- she was absolutely, postiively THE BEST!!! Totally professional, attentive to every request, and great fun! She really made the trip as close to perfect as it could be. I've traveled on several other tours -- and Ming was by far the best guide ever. She is a true asset to ChinaSpree. I would without hesitation recommend ChinaSpree to anyone planning to travel in China. You certainly cannot match the price -- or the services received!

Q:What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers?
Travel with ChinaSpree!! (And learn how to "hover" ......)
The Middle Kingdom
Maureen -- Clinton, NJ
12-Day The Middle Kingdom  9/7/2008 - 9/18/2008

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