18 Day China's Imperial Wonders & Yangtze (2012)

Trip Highlights

Explore China in Comfort

Explore China in Comfort
  • Though hotel selection may not determine the success of a travel experience, certainly a great hotel can be the highlight of a trip. China Spree's hotel choices for the Affordable Luxury Tour are the very best: 5-star Ritz Carlton Hotels in Beijing and Shanghai and 5-star Shangri-La Hotels in all other China mainland cities.
Culinary event is an integral part of your China Spree experience

Culinary event is an integral part of your China Spree experience
  • While gastronomes (except, perhaps, the French) agree that Chinese cuisine is the world's most refined and complex, unfortunately no U.S. tour operator has focused on the culinary arts of China. Their clients eat in the same touristy restaurants whether they've paid for a budget or luxury tour. We believe that touring means a feast for the palate as well as for the eyes. China Spree promises that the dining experience on the Affordable Luxury Tour will be different. Over the last decade, China's culinary arts have been rediscovered in spectacular fashion. The Affordable Luxury Tour features the finest restaurants in the country—each one renowned for its distinctive culinary style and refined décor. Among the highlights in Beijing are Da Dong (Peking duck and northern delicacies), Shanglinyuan (Imperial style), etc. In Shanghai notable restaurants include Lu Bo Lang (Shanghai dim sum) and Kathleen 5 (Chinese fusion style).
Small Group Travel

Small Group Travel
  • China Spree Travel is dedicated to small group travel. Our Affordable Luxury tours are limited to 16 travelers. That way you get the respect you deserve and you will never be ignored and lost in the crowd. From a purely practical standpoint, smaller groups can also go to places and enjoy special events that are simply inaccessible to the larger ones.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Great Wall
  • Forbidden City
  • Summer Palace
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Terra-cotta Army
Uncover China's timeless historical and natural wonders

Uncover China’s timeless historical and natural wonders
  • "Imperial Beijing: where your exciting tour starts, to discover China's proud capital and its countless imperial treasures such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and the legendary Great Wall.
  • Xian - dynastic capital: Your history lesson continues when you visit the historic heartland of China, the home of the buried Army of Terra Cotta Warriors.
  • Scenic Guilin: By the Chinese standard, "the most beautiful city under heaven" for its surreal limestone pinnacles and the fabled Li River.
  • Chongqing: China's wartime capital also home to the "Flying Tigers" during WWII, where you visit the Giant Panda and board the downstream Yangtze cruise.
  • Yangtze River Cruise: 3-night cruise upstream Yangtze River's fabled Three Gorges, aboard one of the finest Yangtze cruiser—M.V. President Prime, Executive Suite with separate VIP dining. Daily shore excursions and onboard entertainment included. Visit the massive Three Gorges Dam; cruise through the 5-stage ship lock; explore the scenic Shennong Stream on motorized sampans, and tour China's ghost city, and other Yangtze riverside towns.
  • Classic Suzhou: The canal-laced water town is China's artistic center over centuries; famed throughout China for its silk production, classic gardens and Grand Canal
  • Metropolitan Shanghai: once the "Pearl of the Orient" in 1930s, now the trendiest city in China, a perfect place to wrap up your memorable China journey.
  • Hong Kong - the Pearl of the Orient: Hong Kong, the former Crown Colony, China's richest, most cosmopolitan city, is a kaleidoscope of life; a sophisticated fusion of East and West; a city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn. Feel the pulse of the China's vibrant outpost and experience the culture that makes Hong Kong unique. "