China Trip Planning—Is this Trip Right for You?

Most westerners travel to China only once in their lifetime. China Spree want to ensure you have all the resources in planning your dream vacation. Please read the following information regarding the level of activity you can expect, your physical requirements, trip destination information, tour pacing and meal arrangements specific to this China trip.

Physical Requirements:

This single-city tour is moderately paced and includes a reasonable amount of walking or hiking. It is suitable for an average level of physical fitness. The tour itinerary does involve sightseeing on foot, walking on uneven surfaces and climbing of stairs, particularly at the Great Wall. The departures for this winter special tour cover a period from late autumn (November) to early spring (March), when the temperature in Beijing varies from 20 at night to as high as 60 at noon. The weather could be cold and you may need to walk on slippery surfaces due to weather conditions such as rain and possibly even snow.

Tour Pacing:

1 city for 6 nights. 3 full-day included tours and 2 ½ day free time with optional tours available.

Climate & Terrain:

Read more about the climate of cities on this China tour.

China Visa Required:

U.S. and Canadian citizens traveling to China must have a valid passport and a visa obtained prior to entering the country. Please read Passport & China Visa for the complete information including answers to ALL your questions about VISA to China. Download China Visa Instructions.

Flight Schedule:

China Spree tours comprise of air travel segments using commercial flights with airlines, such as Air China. This is NOT chartered flight and therefore the passage contract and your air tickets, once issued, shall constitute the sole agreements between you and the airline(s), and are subject to terms and conditions specified by the airlines.

Please download Flight Schedule, and make sure to read All About Flights section regarding details about baggage allowance, mileage, and seating & dietary request, etc. The flight schedule and information are accurate as of May 30th, 2012.

Seasonal flight schedule change: Each year the airlines routinely undergo flight schedule changes during the month of March or late-October to early November, when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends. China Spree may not be notified of these schedule changes until 60 days or less prior to your tour departure. Changes in schedules are beyond our control and solely at the discretion of the airlines. Please take this factor into consideration when you arrange your flight to Air China gateways. We recommends that you make no payments for connecting airfare, or any other services related to this tour, until your final payment is made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is Chinese Lantern Festival and do you have a tour at that time?

A: The Chinese Lantern Festival is Feb. 24th, 2013. Our 8-day Timeless Beijing tour with departure on Feb. 19-26, 2013 is specially arranged for this festival. An optional tour is available on Day 6, including an evening tour to visit the Beijing parks and temples where the traditional Lantern Festival celebration is held. Coinciding with the full moon, the Lantern Festival marks the end of the two-week Chinese Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) period. A great many lanterns bearing auspicious characters or in animal shapes can be seen. Yuanxiao (sticky rice balls) are eaten. Read more about the Lantern Festival.

Q: Can we change the travel date to leave earlier or return later than your travel schedule?

A: The airfare we use with Air China for China Spree Winter Special tours is a very special contracted group fare. One of the restrictions of this special group fare requires all group members travel on the same date with the same routing.

Changing departure date from U.S. is not allowed.

Changing return date but not the routing is allowed and is subject to $200-$300 air supplement depending on the booking class on your actual return day. You must return within 45 days of your departure date from U.S. Note, our 8-day Timeless Beijing flies back from Beijing, while 9-day Beijing & Shanghai and 10-day China's Golden Triangle tours return from Shanghai via Beijing to U.S. The air routing must remain the same. For instance, you can only return later from Shanghai via Beijing to U.S. if you take our 9-day Beijing and Shanghai tour. You cannot skip Shanghai and return later to U.S. directly from Beijing.

Q: Can we add Hong Kong extension to your China Winter Special tour?

A: No. Add Hong Kong to this tour involves changing of routing (return routing will be changed to HKG-PEK-USA) and you need a minimum of 10 travelers extending to Hong Kong with the same return date in order to be eligible for the special group airfare. Please consider our 12-day China & Hong Kong tour, which follows our 10-day China's Golden Triangle tour plus Hong Kong.

Please read more about Air Travel and Frequently Asked Questions

Group Size & Tour Guides:

The average group size for our China Spree Winter Special tours is between 20-32. On rare occasions the group size can be over 40. These tours are locally guided, which means there will be an English-speaking local tour guide in each destination city.

Document Delivery:

Your final travel documents will be sent to you via email about 2 weeks prior to departure. This email will include a copy of your electronic air ticket receipt (e-tickets), the final tour itinerary, Know Before You Go, China hotel and emergency contact, and other important information for your China tour. Your passport and China visa (if applicable) will be sent to you at about the same time frame, by courier service with signature required. Prior to delivery, you will receive an email notice with shipment tracking information. Documents delivered to outside the continental U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) will incur an additional delivery charge of $40 if sent by courier service.