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    Central China - Jiangsu & Anhui
    A farmer wades through rice fields irrigated by the Yangzi River
    A farmer wades through rice fields
    irrigated by the Yangzi River

    The provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui lie to the north and west of Shanghai respectively. Jiangsu, one of China’s most fertile and populated areas, is largely rural. Its southern region is dominated by the Yangzi River, along which lie the major cities including Nanjing, the provincial capital, with a profusion of historic sights, and the cities of Suzhou and Yangzhou, known for their gardens, canals, and silk production. The province is developing fast but still retains its charm, especially in the small towns where traditional architecture can be seen. Anhui’s main sights lie in the south, where vast spreads of paddy fields are watered by the Huai River. The area south of the Yangzi River is dominated by mountain ranges offering spectacular scenery. Huang Shan, the Yellow Mountain, is Anhui’s most popular scenic area, while the Buddhist mountain, Jiuhua Shan, is more serene. The towns of Shexian and Yixian in the southeast are renowned for their traditional old houses with fine wooden carvings.

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