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Plugs and Outlets in China & Hong Kong

Mainland China

Voltage in Mainland China is 220V, 50 Hz. A variety of electrical outlets can be found in China.

A common type of outlet is shown at right. This outlet can accept the standard Type A and common Type I plugs as well as Type C plugs. Both the upper and lower outlets can be used simultaneously.

The official plug type is like type A but slightly shorter and without holes in blades. Type A and I outlets are common, and Type G might also be found.
Plugs in China & Hong Kong for China Spree Tour

Plugs in China & Hong Kong for China Spree Tour Hong Kong

Voltage in Hong Kong is 220V, 50 Hz. The common type of outlet in Hong Kong is Type G and Type M

Type A - Flat blade attachment plug


In the U.S. & Canada, two-blade plugs are often polarized, with one blade larger than the other. Most outlets are designed to handle these. The larger blade is the neutral side of the current. This is a safety feature intended so the plug can be inserted one way only to reduce the chance of accidental shock. If you try to plug a modern plug into an old-style receptacle for equal size blades, it won't go in unless you file down the larger blade to the older plug size. Outside the US, many countries with Type A use the old style plug, and a newer US plug with unequal pins might pose a problem. This can be bypassed using an adaptor (found in many travel kits) which converts the newer Type A plug to the older model with equal-sized blades. Be aware, though, that you might also be bypassing the protection that polarization provides.

Type C

Type I - Oblique flat blades with ground (inverted V)

Type G - Rectangular blade plug

Type M - "South African" Plug

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