First Class China Travel at Bargain Prices
International deluxe hotels, centrally located, in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. China's local 5-star hotels or hotels with the best value in all other inland cities.

Fast-paced, fully-packed, all-inclusive China package tours - more included features than any tour operator in the market. Small Group Travel. Average group size 12-16 travelers. Maximum

You should rest assured that you are in capable hands. We promise to take care of your hard-earned vacation.

This is the year to discover the history, culture and cuisine of China, that ancient and fabled land, with China Spree's "first-class travel at bargain prices." China Spree's memorable journeys are an amazing learning experience, not only visiting China's major sites and attractions, but packed with special activities and culinary events. They feature cultural insight programs, comfortable hotels, delicious meals and traditional evening entertainment—in short, everything necessary for a total travel experience. The fact that 70% of China Spree's clients are referrals proves the quality and popularity of our tours.

We know that most Americans will travel to China only once, so we include more tour features than any other tour operator. Though not strenuous, China Spree tours are fast-paced and busy. Included in the tours are transpacific flights on Air China, accommodations in comfortable centrally-located hotels, meals in carefully-selected restaurants, all intra-China transportation and top-notch experienced tour guides.

While it's true that the prices of our first-class tours are among the lowest on the market, we never sacrifice quality. Passionate about making China Spree the very best China tour operator, we not only carefully inspect all hotels and restaurants, but even read every post-tour evaluation. Our China expertise, office in China and close relationship with Chinese tourism authorities, airlines, hotels and restaurants help provide an enriched—and less-expensive—experience for our tour participants.

Hotels in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, where groups stay three nights or more are international deluxe: the Marriott in Beijing, the Pullman in Shanghai and the Royal Plaza in Hong Kong. Hotels in smaller inland cities, where groups stay two nights or fewer, are those offering the best value. China's best 5-star M.V. Century Sky, a deluxe cruise ship with outside cabins and private balconies, provides accommodation on Yangtze River cruises.

Restaurants, which are carefully chosen, serve local culinary specialties rather than repeating the same "tourist specials." Breakfasts, of course, are American-style and free time in Shanghai and Hong Kong allows tour participants to enjoy a steak or a hamburger as well as a wealth of international restaurants.

China Spree's groups are small and its guides are the very best—highly-trained and knowledgeable university graduates who speak good English and are anxious and happy to please tour participants.

In fact, the entire China Spree staff will do everything possible to make your journey comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding. So, come along on the experience of a lifetime and choose a China Spree first-class tour at bargain prices.

We are striving to be the best and you will enjoy our efforts...

When comparing the content, value and prices of tours to China, you should understand that we are determined to have the very best tours and to keep our prices low. It helps that we are not out to make a killing, that we think in the long term, that we sell directly to consumers (which means we don't build travel agent commissions of 10 to 18% into the tour price) and that we know all the ins and outs of China travel (our managing director worked as a tour guide and escort for more than ten years). Any equivalent tour charging more than China Spree cannot be considered good value, and any tour charging less is cutting corners somewhere.

We know, for starters, that China's star rating system is meaningless; sometimes a 4-star hotel can be better than a 5-star. Other tour operators play tricks with stars, using a so-called 5-star hotel that's run down or out of the way, but China Spree never does that.

We understand that hotel quality is important to the client's enjoyment and are tireless in seeking out good deals and hidden gem hotels. In major cities with stays of at least three nights, China Spree first class tours stay in centrally-located hotels rated "international deluxe like the Beijing Marriott.

I, Wilson Wu, the managing director of China Spree, travel to China several times a year to thoroughly inspect hotels. When I enter a guest room, I close my eyes and smell it (because some Chinese hotels have malodorous bathroom drains), then I lie on the bed (because the Chinese like much harder beds than Americans), and I look at the carpets (because the Chinese—who don't normally have rugs—are sometimes lax about carpet cleaning). I even taste the breakfast orange juice, because some hotels try to cut costs by adding too much water to the concentrate or even using powder. Choosing the right hotel involves insider's knowledge and hotels that don't live up to my stringent standards are simply not used for China Spree tours.

Eating in China is not just eating, but an important event, and I have expended endless effort trying to improve group meals. While many tour operators pick restaurants that serve sweet and sour pork and kung pao chicken day after day after day, I guarantee that no single dish will be repeated on any China Spree tour. Each region of China has a distinctive cuisine which reflects the local culture, so I have asked each restaurant to serve the specialties of the region. Though I understand that I can't please everybody all the time, I keep working at it and get closer every year.

Hong Kong, with its free day, is deliberately scheduled in the middle of a trip so that clients can enjoy the city's renowned international restaurants, and Shanghai's free day is scheduled at the end of a tour, so that clients can have western food and go shopping.

China Spree is equally selective about its guides and I hand pick only the very best. All are highly educated, speak good English and are enthusiastic about their jobs. Since I read each and every post-tour evaluation, guides who get poor reviews from tour participants are never seen again.

China Spree is also the only China tour operator with low prices that intentionally controls the size of its groups, and sometimes we even split a group to keep the size small. The average group size is 10 to 16 people and no China Spree tour ever has more than 30 participants (except special promotion tours with price less than $1500 per person or those private group tours which we specifically arrange for clubs and organizations).

It is this extra care and effort on my part and the part of every China Spree employee that produces the overall quality and value that makes China Spree America's favorite China tour operator.

Wilson Wu
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Managing Director
China Spree Travel
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