Airline Fee Chart Updated on July 5, 2011
Use this airline fee chart to find out who’s charging what. From baggage handling to seat selection to food and beverages, know additional airline flight costs before you book. And since policy changes are becoming more frequent, be sure to contact the related airline for the updated information. Note that currency conversion may cause variance in actual amounts charged. China Spree is not responsible for the accuracy of the information listed below.
Carrier Checked
1st bag
2nd bag
seat selection
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No fee Contact airline Contact airline • Oversize/Overweight bag US$200
  For flights between China and the US, any piece of
  baggage exceeding 45 kg (99 lbs) and above will not
  be permitted to be checked in. For flights between
  China and Canada, any piece of baggage exceeding
  32 kg (70 lbs) and above will not be permitted to be
  checked in.
• Travel w/ pet US$220 (SFO) / $260 (JFK)

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No fee Canada;
C$25 US
C$20 Canada;
C$35 US
C$15–C$22 • Beverage/Snack C$2–C$6
• Oversize/Overweight bag C$75–C$100
• Travel w/ pet C$105–C$270
• Unaccompanied minor C$100

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US$20 US$20 No fee • Beverage/Snack US$5
• Oversize/Overweight bag US$50–US$75
• Travel w/ pet US$100
• Unaccompanied minor US$75

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US$25 US$35 No fee • Beverage/Snack US$3–US$6
• Oversize/Overweight bag US$50–US$150
• Travel w/ pet US$100–US$150
• Unaccompanied minor US$100

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US$25 US$35 No fee • Oversize/Overweight bag US$50–US$150
• Travel w/ pet US$125
• Unaccompanied minor US$75–US$100

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US$25 US$35 US$5-US$25 • Beverage/Snack US$3–US$8
• Oversize/Overweight bag US$90–US$175
• Travel w/ pet US$150
• Unaccompanied minor US$100

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US$25 US$35 US$14–US$109 • Beverage/Snack US$3–US$9
• Oversize/Overweight bag US$125–US$175
• Travel w/ pet US$175
• Unaccompanied minor US$99–US$150

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US$25 US$35 US$5–US$30 • Beverage/Snack US$2–US$7
• Oversize/Overweight bag US$100–US$200
• Travel w/ pet US$100
• Unaccompanied minor US$100

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No fee C$20 C$10-C$15 • Oversize/Overweight bag C$40-C$75
• Travel w/ pet C$50